Niedzielni (people of Sunday) is an arts & activism collective. It consists of Bartolomeo Koczenasz, Cecilia Malik, Jakub Wesołowski, Marta Sala and Piotr Dziurdzia.

We live and create in Krakow. Our field of action is the city, particularly its not obvious spaces like wild forests and rivers. We are in close sympathy with anarchist’s phrase “city is not a firm”. We believe that the landscape it is not for sale and that public space is a common good and should not be subject to the rules of the free market. The city is so that all the inhabitants: the people, trees and animals could live well and happily within it. We are organising actions and protests in defense of nature and common heritage. We treat the protest as an art in public space. On the one hand, creating a poetic image, with another to form an informal agora, place for exchanging ideas, in which residents, politicians, civil servants, scientists, activists, artists and journalists can meet in an informal situation and directly talk to each other. We change the town into an area of ​​freedom and fun, taking difficult disputes and problems of the city without pathos in a unique style combining various arts. We operate on the Vistula riverside in the literal sense of the word. We were all connected through Water Critical Mass, which we are co-founders and creators together with Małgorzata Nieciecka-Mac and Martyna Niedośpiał. Every year we invite the residents of Krakow to a common floating art performance. Wisła this day becomes a common creative space belonging to Cracovians, not only to tourists and commercial barges as on other days of the year.

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Bartolomeo Koczenasz
He is a visual artist. He studies philosophy at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. As an artist, he is connected with the Babel Images Foundation and Niedzielni Collective. Since 2010, he has been organizing various social and artistic events, such as Water Critical Mass and Modraszek Collective (Common Blue butterfly). He participated in street art festivals in Poland and abroad. He is a finalist of the Amnesty International photography competition and winner of Fresh Zone prize from ArtBoom. He has been nominated for the artist of the year award within the Kulturalne Odloty 2012 (Cultural Take-offs) organized by the largest daily in Poland “Gazeta Wyborcza”. He is passionate about public space and its relations with citizens. In his photographs, he mainly addresses social and documentary issues. Bartolomeo experiments with archive photographs, murals and carries out site-specific art projects.

Cecylia Malik
She is a painter, performer, and educator living in Kraków.
Her work blends artistic practice with ecological campaigns and social activism. Author of numerous exhibitions and art projects. The most important ones include: Ikonostas City, Concert at Mr Thug’s Zderzak Gallery Krakow, 365 Tress, 6 rivers. retrospective City Reservation at Bunkier Sztuki, She made a documentary film Paradise on earth which took part in 56 Krakow Film Festiwal. The Białka Braids campaign in defence of the natural channel of the Białka River and projects carried out with Justyna Koeke Alcon Blue Collective an action to defend the Krakow Zakrzówek landscape park. She participated in the Photography Biennale in Poznań and in Dialogues at the 11th Biennale of Contemporary Art in St Petersburg. Private Nationalism in Divus Gallery in Prag, Public Space Days in Chisinau, Walking without footprints in Transit SK Bratislava, River ecologies by Translocal Institute. and Making Use in Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

Jakub Wesołowski
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Marta Sala
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Piotr Dziurdzia
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